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At CENTURY 21 Crest Real Estate, every agent is thoroughly trained and dedicated to providing high quality service to purchasers and sellers. Our agents live within our market area and are ready to devote their attention to your particular real estate needs.

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CENTURY 21 Crest Real Estate Inc

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142 Route 23 North
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444

Phone: (973) 686-1500
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Dylan Small
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Dylan Small
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Mobile Phone: (973) 800-9391
Colleen McMahon
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Colleen McMahon
Phone: (973) 214-5250
Szarlej Jolanta
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Szarlej Jolanta
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Mobile Phone: (973) 699-5328
Tom Maggio
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Tom Maggio
Phone: (973) 699-6648
Tere Episale
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Tere Episale
Phone: (201) 960-9084
Gabriella Barbaro
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Phil Blandine
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Phil Blandine
Phone: (973) 896-0437
Gina Donatien
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Gina Donatien
Phone: (201) 264-2382
Margie West
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Margie West
Phone: (973) 727-6766
Kit Cheung
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Kit Cheung
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Mobile Phone: (646) 784-0756
Robin Dora
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Robin Dora
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Mobile Phone: (973) 570-6633
Christine Fischer
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Elisa Destefano
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Elisa Destefano
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Nicole Ruggerio
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Nicole Ruggerio
Phone: (973) 725-6539
Mobile Phone: (973) 725-6539
Laura Sabino
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Laura Sabino
Phone: (201) 906-6342
Mobile Phone: (201) 906-6342
Marshall Berry
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Marshall Berry
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Deborah Janke
 Email DeborahJanke Contact Me   
Deborah Janke
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Donna Marie Rama
 Email Donna MarieRama Contact Me   
Donna Marie Rama
Phone: (973) 202-1741
Pablo Castro
 Email PabloCastro Contact Me   
Pablo Castro
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Maureen O'Rourke
 Email MaureenO'Rourke Contact Me   
Maureen O'Rourke
Phone: (201) 745-0342
Joni Kim
 Email JoniKim Contact Me   
Joni Kim
Phone: (973) 220-1097
David Jimenez
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David Jimenez
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Mobile Phone: (201) 280-3642
Lisa Marie Elzer
 Email Lisa MarieElzer Contact Me   
Lisa Marie Elzer
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Patricia Wojtyszyn
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Patricia (Tish) Auslander
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Patricia (Tish) Auslander
Phone: (973) 294-2241
Mobile Phone: (973) 294-2241
Marlene Melfi
 Email MarleneMelfi Contact Me   
Marlene Melfi
Phone: (973) 768-6074
Addie Scataglia
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Addie Scataglia
Phone: (973) 452-3343
JoAnne Martocci
 Email JoAnneMartocci Contact Me   
JoAnne Martocci
Phone: (973) 769-3996
Wayne Reppa
 Email WayneReppa Contact Me   
Wayne Reppa
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Mobile Phone: (201) 247-7646
Joseph Gruzdis
 Email JosephGruzdis Contact Me   
Joseph Gruzdis
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Mobile Phone: (973) 417-2434
Danielle Fiorina
 Email DanielleFiorina Contact Me   
Danielle Fiorina
Phone: (973) 460-4352
Anthony Cheff
 Email AnthonyCheff Contact Me   
Anthony Cheff
Phone: (973) 646-7466
Eileen Takacs
 Email EileenTakacs Contact Me  Text EileenTakacs
Eileen Takacs
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Mobile Phone: (973) 768-6542
Theresa Gogolen
 Email TheresaGogolen Contact Me   
Theresa Gogolen
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Frank Zalfino
 Email FrankZalfino Contact Me   
Frank Zalfino
Phone: (973) 769-1014
Livia Deak
 Email LiviaDeak Contact Me   
Livia Deak
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Marie Episale
 Email MarieEpisale Contact Me   
Marie Episale
Phone: (973) 646-7423
Steve Wesolowski
 Email SteveWesolowski Contact Me   
Steve Wesolowski
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Martha Bakelaar
 Email MarthaBakelaar Contact Me   
Martha Bakelaar
Phone: (973) 646-7422
Suzanne Parisi
 Email SuzanneParisi Contact Me   
Suzanne Parisi
Phone: (973) 646-7410
John Tierney
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John Tierney
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Arlene Lamberti
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Arlene Lamberti
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Mobile Phone: (973) 216-3999
Kelly Titus
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Kelly Titus
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Kristine So
 Email KristineSo Contact Me   
Kristine So
Phone: (917) 885-9844
Mobile Phone: (917) 885-9844
Regina Petry
 Email ReginaPetry Contact Me   
Regina Petry
Phone: (201) 970-2319
Rebecca Morris
 Email RebeccaMorris Contact Me   
Rebecca Morris
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Mobile Phone: (609) 618-8750
Angela Villante
 Email AngelaVillante Contact Me   
Angela Villante
Phone: (973) 686-1500
Mobile Phone: (973) 714-0363